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That was then…

This is now…


What you see above is the cover to the revised edition. For various reasons, this book is long overdue — a lot has been happening in the last year alone that has all but changed the face of amateur astronomy, and I have had to rewrite a number of new entries.  Much of the change is very good, but there are a number of facets of that new “face” that trouble me.

And then, to make matters better (or perhaps worse), I am including a long, uncensored, uncut, incendiary interview, which opens the book.  This I had not planned on, but when I agreed to do the interview, there was no going back.  An elderly telescope collector who has never been known as one to mince words interviewed me.  He was rather merciless with his questions, and I was brutally honest with my answers.  Including the interview actually delayed the publication more than two months, but that’s a long story.  Including the interview also changed the personality of the revised edition.  THE LIGHT-HEARTED ASTRONOMER OBSERVES AGAIN is like no other astronomy book, amateur or professional..  No brag, just fact.  It may very well prove to be my undoing as an amateur astronomer.

Thanks, and Happy Star Trails!



It wasn’t until the summer of 2018 that I got interested in
amateur astronomy, especially with emphasis on the Moon. My husband, Ken Fulton, the infamous Light-Hearted Astronomer has written 2 books, ‘The Light-Hearted Astronomer’ and ‘The Light-Hearted Astronomer
Observes Again’ which can be found on Amazon.com.

Because of him I started taking my own pictures of the Moon with my hand-held Kodak camera held up against the eyepiece of my telescopes. No fancy equipment used! However, I must be honest… my Moon images are

Since 2018, I have written 2 Moon books which I published locally.

MOON NOIR Volumes I and II

I then published ‘MOON NOIR in the beginning God…’ which can be found on Amazon.com. These books contain my telescopic Moon images
intertwined with scripture.

KODAK Digital Still Camera

In addition to MOON NOIR, you can find my children’s book concerning
the Moon.

‘Making Friends with a Friendly Moon’ is a book for children ages 6 – 8.
The book concerns a bear, a rabbit, and a squirrel…they all met on a hilltop in the forest under the light of the Moon!

In my books, my mission is to be a witness for God our Creator and Jesus, my Savior.

Moon Noir Images by Doris Fulton

$20.00 for the 2 Moon Noir books (including postage)

Due to the cost of International postage, the limited/signed editions of my Moon Noir books will not be available outside the United States. 

These lunar images are just a few you will find inside these two books…awesome!


Vols I and II of MOON NOIR: Selected Lunar Images by Doris Fulton, are now available for purchase.  These special editions feature a bound-in limitation page signed by myself, Doris Fulton, and by my husband, Ken Fulton, The Light-Hearted Astronomer.  The first 100 copies ordered will be hand-numbered in order of receipt.   The remaining copies of the signed/limited print run will be duly noted with a silver-ink infinity symbol in lieu of a number.

Books will be shipped postpaid via media mail.  Delivery may take up to 3 weeks.

These books consists of my lunar images that were taken with an inexpensive Kodak camera hand- held to the telescope’s eyepiece, and afterwards processed to render digital images that would transfer clearly to the printed page. I used two reflector telescopes: A 3.5 inch Maksutov-Cassegrain reflector, the retail price of which was under $200, and a 6-inch Newtonian reflector, which cost less than $400 new. This goes to show it is not necessary to spend an enormous amount of money on a telescope to capture pleasing images.

I have also included some inspirational selections that have meant a lot to me in my life.

Thank you!

Doris Fulton

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